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Events on Tuesday, November 21  

TUESDAYS OF ART: The development of art adventures in our space seeks to break with the established molds, creating new proposals that awaken the exploration of each child to experiment with techniques that provide a range of possibilities in the process of creating a piece of art with non-conventional materials, mainly that which comes from reuse materials and those that nature offers us for free.  


3:00 PM Art in sheets / 3-6 years / 40 max.

Dry leaves are considered by many as waste, thinking that it is there when their life cycle finishes looking at them as useless. This workshop will show you that even serve to show the beauty of nature, reuse them and start a second life cycle using it as a natural canvas.  


4:00 PM Art in stone / 6- 10 years / 40 max.  

What would you do with a stone? You will be amazed at what our children can do by holding them in their hands. We only need to open your imagination so that these stones are the beginning of new worlds to discover, by looking beyond a simple solid material produced by nature. 


5:00 PM Art in sheets / 6- 10 years /  40 max.  


Events on Tuesday, November 28  

TUESDAYS OF WELFARE: We present a cycle of relaxing adventures where children perform simple body and facial wellness treatments designed with elements and natural ingredients of our environment and easy access (such as coffee, lemon, sugar, oats, medicinal plants, among others) . These provide harmony to the senses and help to balance our body in a simple and natural way.  


3:00 PM Eco-spa / 3- 5 years / 40 max.

Children will enjoy the experience of creating their own basic body health treatments (creams, masks, lip scrubs, among others), experiencing their well-being that they produce in their bodies while having fun. They will develop different products that they can take home and share as a family in a homemade eco-spa.  


4:00 PM Eco-spa / 6- 10 years / 40 max.


5:00 PM Eco-spa / 6- 10 years / 40 max.


 Kids Club Rules:

 Rewards Card:

You will receive a Rewards Card per child. The child must present his/her card upon registration and Customer Service personnel will punch it (1 punch per visit). When completing 5 strikeouts, you must present it to the Customer Service Center and the child will receive a surprise. The first child who completes 3 complete cards will receive a free birthday service from Koala the Great Adventure.

Also, children eat FREE throughout the day, with the purchase of an adult entreé at any of the participating restaurants.


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